We thank You, Most Gracious Trinity, that in the multitude of Your compassion for us, from the time that You called us from non-being into being, You have not ceased day and night to bestow benefits on every rational and irrational creature, so that through all and in all Your Most Holy Name might be Glorified, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We thank You, Father, Source of All Good, that through Your Indescribable Will You were pleased to honour the human race with Your Image. We thank You, Only-Begotten Son, Who in Your incomparable love for us descended to the depths of hades, and through the Cross granted joy to the world and to us Eternal Life. We thank You, Coeternal Spirit of Truth, Who give us wisdom and understanding, and cry Abba Father in our hearts, so that we may know the gifts of adoption in God and ever share in them with gratitude. Glory to You, All-Holy and Consubstantial and Life-Giving Trinity, for ever. Amen.