Elder Paisios, in this society we live in, what must we do to be saved?

And the Elder, in response, narrated the following incident:

“Listen, my children: At the beginning of our century, a huge fire broke out on Mount Athos and threatened the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon. Then 2000 Monks and 3,000 workers working there, took what they found in front of them and went out to face the fire. But they could not. Then the fire spread to Vatopedi. Hundreds of Monks and workers who were there could not, nor could they, stop it. The fire destroyed everything. Then the fire went on and reached Philotheou. Only 15 Monks and as many workers lived there at that time. Frightened, they took the shovels and ran outside to face the fiery flame that ate everything.

But a respectable Elder stopped them and said: “Where are you going brothers? Thousands of people in Vatopedi and Saint Panteleimon could not put out the fire and we, some thirty people, will save the Monastery?”

“And what shall we do, Elder? How will we be saved?” the brothers asked.

“We can not do it alone. Embrace Glykophilousa (“Sweet-kissing” or “Loving Kindness” Icon)! She is in front and we are behind!” the Elder told them.

So they did. In a short time, the fiery flames reached outside the Monastery, burned everything, but did not advance even a millimeter through the walls of the Monastery!

And Saint Paisios added:

“I know that evil like uncontrollable fire threatens you and your children. But hug Glykophilousa and do not be afraid! She has the power to put out the fire that threatens our home! She has the power to put out the fire that threatens our children! She has the power to extinguish the fire that threatens our Soul! Because the Virgin Mary is the Mother of God and the Mother of the whole world and no fire is greater than Her Love!!! Her hands are wings, and no calamity is stronger than her Protection! Embrace Her!”


Elder, which Icon of the Panagia do you like most?

I like all the Icons of the Panagia. Even if I find her name written somewhere, I embrace it many times with reverence, and my heart leaps. It is shocking when you think about it! She was a young girl and said: “My Soul magnifies the Lord, for He has looked upon the lowliness of His servant.” In a few words, so much meaning! You will be helped much if you enter into the depths of these words. They are few and powerful. If you contemplate them, you will love humility. And if you become humble, you will see God enter within you and make your heart a Manger of Bethlehem.