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Where else was Your Light to shine if not among those who seek in darkness?
Keep us in Your Holiness.
The Only Friend of All
…and the Mercies of Our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ will be with you all.
Let us Worship the Holy Lord Jesus the only sinless One.
The Father is Light, His Son is Light, and the Spirit the Comforter is Light.
Lord I have cried to You, hear me. Hear me, O Lord.
The Holy Light of the Holy Spirit has appeared and illumined the world.
Remember me, O Lord, in Your Kingdom.
Body of Christ.
O Giver of Life, Christ Our God, Glory to You.
Remember me, O Lord, in Your Kingdom.
O my Soul let us rise into the mountains… whence help comes.
You work Salvation in the midst of the Earth.
Holy Holy Holy are You O God Almighty.
In the abodes of the chosen with the Righteous, O Master, number those in piety departed.


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