“Do not lose heart. There is hope, and it is Christ.”



“Do not be ashamed to turn back and say boldly: I will arise and go to my Father. Arise and go!”

“Cry out, O sinner, with all your might; for your Lord is merciful and loves those who repent. As soon as you return, your Father will come out to meet you. He will slaughter the fatted calf, clothe you in a fine robe, and rejoice in you.”

“Are you wounded? Despair not. Have you fallen? Get up and say bravely: now I have begun. Fall down before your Merciful Master and confess your sins. But before you say anything He will already know what you intend to say. Before you open your lips, He will see what is in your heart. You will not be able to say, “I have sinned” before you see Him stretch forth His hands to receive and embrace you. Approach with faith and He will cleanse you straightaway as He cleansed the leper, lift you from your bed as He lifted the paralytic, and raise you from the dead as He raised Lazarus.”

“The Church is not a meeting of Saints, but a crowd of repenting sinners.”

“Every day I lay a foundation for building my repentance, and again with my own hands I demolish it.”

“Despair not and be not self-confident; rather, humbly cry out.”

“Blessed the one who keeps his body for holiness for the Saviour and has not shamed his Soul by unnatural deeds, but remained well-pleasing to the Lord.”

“He didn’t ordain repentance as the medicine for only a few sins, excluding various others. For every wound of sin, for every Spiritual transgression, the Great Doctor of our Soul has prescribed repentance as the cure.”

“Blessed is the one who has cleansed himself of every stain of sins, so that with boldness he may receive into his own house the King of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ.”