“Do not neglect Church Services. Just like rain nourished and cultivates seeds, so do Church Services strengthen the Soul in Virtues.”



“Maintain a humble attitude that you might not lose the fruits of good works.”

“If you want to defeat the gloom, take a moment to do some handicraft for a while, or read, or Pray often.”

“A wise man has no hatred for anyone, a fool has no love for anyone.”

“The way to bring someone to repentance is through gentleness.”

“The one, in whom there is love, is with God, above all things.”

“Anyone who wants to be an example to others, must first examine himself!”

“If you want to conquer anger, acquire meekness and generosity.”

“Whoever has Love in himself does not fear.”

“Don’t let your eyes look here and there, and don’t look on someone elses’ beauty, so that the devil will not conquer you with the help of your eyes.”

“In accordance with His plan, God allows each person to be tested with various sorrows, so that it will be obvious who it is who loves Him.”