Saint Silouan often struggled with great despondency and felt that God did not hear him. However, one day when he was a Novice, he saw Christ and became filled with the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t be troubled if you don’t feel the Love of God in yourself, but think about the Lord, that He is Merciful, and guard yourself from sins, and the Grace of God will teach you.”

“The Holy Apostle John the Theologian says that the Commandments of God are not difficult, but easy (I John, 5:3). But they are only easy because of love, while they are all difficult if there is no love.”

“It is impossible to keep Spiritual peace if we do not take care of the mind, that is if we do not drive out thoughts that are displeasing to God and, on the contrary, keep thoughts which are pleasing to God. It is necessary to look into the heart with mind and see what is done there. Is it peaceful or not? If not, then find out in what you have sinned.”

“There are people who, when they encounter inability to understand, do not ask the Lord. But one must immediately say, “Lord, I am a sinful man and I don’t understand as I should. But give me understanding, Merciful One, as to how I must proceed.” And the Merciful Lord then inspires them as to what to do and what not to do.”