“During the time that the body of one fasting becomes thin and light, the Spiritual life attains to perfection and reveals itself through Miraculous manifestations. The spirit then performs its actions as if in a bodiless body. External feelings are as shut out, and the mind, renouncing the worldly, ascends to the Heavenly and becomes completely immersed in the contemplation of the Spiritual world. Yet not everyone can take upon himself strict rules of abstinence from everything, nor deprive himself completely of all that serves to relieve infirmities: “He that is able to receive it, let him receive it” (Matthew 19:12).”

“We have to try to be free from unclean thoughts, especially when we Pray to God. Because it’s not possible for there to be a stench mixed in with a fragrance.”

“No Spiritual exercise can be compared with silence.”

“Bear it in silence when an enemy offends you, and open your heart to the Lord.”

“Silence is the cross on which we must crucify our ego. “

“The person who has entered onto the path of silence must constantly remember why he has done so. This is so that the heart may not be turned away from its purpose toward something else.”

“Where there is God, there is no evil. Everything coming from God is peaceful, healthy and leads a person to the judgement of his own imperfections and humility.”