“Everyone has a cross to carry. Why? Since the leader of our faith endured the Cross, we will also endure it. On one hand, the cross is sweet and light, but, on the other, it can also be bitter and heavy. It depends on our will. If you bear Christ’s cross with love then it will be very light; like a sponge or a cork. But if you have a negative attitude, it becomes heavy; too heavy to lift.”

“When the Soul suffocates and can no longer tolerate and is ready to fall into despair, then God sends help.”

“The mountains, the hills, the trees, the sea and the fish all praise God. But because we’ve blackened the understanding of our Souls, we understand very little of this, very little.”

“Man, as long as he lives, must always struggle. And his first fight is to conquer himself. It is the man who is unto himself treacherous. This is because he does not listen to the other, but hears what his reasoning tells him. While we have so many Holy Fathers to imitate them by reading their writings, however the ego takes over many times. When man defeats himself, he is the greatest martyr and triumphant and victorious before God.”

“Saint John Chrysostom praises Job not for his former life, when he was merciful, compassionate, hospitable and a man of Prayer. No. He praises Job’s patience in the great trial which God allowed to befall him, his temptation and sickness.”