“For someone to have special reverence towards a Saint, the Saint must speak within them in one way or another. When a certain event for a person takes place with the help of a Saint, they have a special love for that Saint. This event can be a serious one, or it can be simple. “

In Konitsa Saint Paisios loved to go to the Church of Saint Barbara. He spent so much time in Prayer there and it was here that his love for Saint Barbara was cultivated and also where he saw his first Divine Vision of Christ.

Read about his great reverence towards Saint Barbara and how she heard his Prayers for her to help him.


“After this, Christ Himself appeared to me in a Great Light. He was visible from the waist up. He looked at me with tremendous love and said, “I am the Resurrection, and the Life; he that believeth in Me, even if he dies, he shall live” (Jn. 11:25). He was holding the Gospel in His left hand, open to the page where the same words were written.”

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“We want Christ. Let there be Martyrdom, let there be Martyrdom every day, let them beat us every day, twice and thrice a day; it doesn’t matter. The only thing that concerns us is to be with Christ.”

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Saint Paisios asked the Nuns from the Monastery of Souroti to make an Icon of Christ like he saw Him. This Icon is called Our Lord Jesus Christ of Souroti.