Living by Christ’s words ‘Repent’, so you can live within you the Kingdom of God.
I Pray that as we enter the New Year, that we enter being united with Christ.
The Armour of God.
He stands, He knocks, He waits, and we have to open.
He becomes absolutely everything in all aspects of our lives… Christ is in our midst.
Remember that we have nothing to fear, because we are part of the strongest army that exists!
And what has God created us to be?… Holy.
The young men and women who choose not to go with the current of these times.
The life which is in Jesus Christ.
We need to gain strength from each other.
Never lose hope in the Christian struggle.
God awaits for us to return back to Him.
Our Soul should be a living Paradise.
Teach me how to love, the way You love me.
Continue to walk the narrow but straight path.
And what is most important is our Soul.


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