“Have no vain hope for me, O governor, that I might cower before any number of torments. Nothing will separate me from Christ – neither affliction, famine, fire, sword, nor any other harsh tribulation – not even a violent and very painful death. Think not that you will entice me with honours, gold or other wealth, because all these things are perishable and temporal. The Soul, by the Grace of God, is immortal and desires Eternity. For this reason, we, the Christians, wisely disdain these fleeting luxuries and enjoyments. We endure the sorrow and distress of the day that we might attain to Everlasting Life and eternal rest after our repose. If you think that I lie, here I am, try me, so you will know by deed the truth. Strike me, slay me, burn me, suffocate or test me with ten thousand torments. As much as you will worsen the punishment, so much more will Christ glorify me in the future life and blessedness… Readily I give my body to death, for my deathless God and Master, as the Sinless One, out of love for me, was Crucified.”