Feast Day: September 4th


Troparion: The Miracle which Moses witnessed on Sinai in the burning bush foretold your virginal childbearing, O pure Mother. We the faithful cry to you: Hail, O truly living bush! Hail, O Holy mountain! Hail, O Sanctified expanse, Most Holy Theotokos!

Troparion: O Christ God, You showed Moses an image of your most pure Mother in the bush that burned yet was not consumed, for she herself was not consumed when she received in her womb the fire of divinity! She remained incorrupt after her pure childbearing! By her Prayers, O greatly Merciful One, deliver us from the flame of passions, and preserve your people from all harm!

Kontakion: Let us purify the perception of our Souls and bodies in order to behold the Divine Mystery, revealed to the Prophet Moses of old in the Burning Bush which was not consumed by the fire, signifying your giving birth without seed, O Theotokos. We acknowledge this prophecy, reverently bowing down before you and the Saviour Who was born of you, and we cry out with fear, “Rejoice, O Sovereign Lady, our Protection and Refuge, and Salvation of our Souls.”

Konatkion: Your flock reveres you, O inspired one, as a beholder of the Incarnation of God, and as one who wrote of the mystery of His condescension. Since you are a mediator worthy of God, free us from every danger that we may cry to you: “Rejoice, divinely-speaking Moses.”