Feast Day: October 1st

Our Most Holy Mother of God She who is Quick to Hear: “I am the Abbess of this Monastery, the Theotokos Gorgoepikoos, for quickly do I hear those who call upon my name.”…


The Supplicatory Canon to Our Lady Quick to Hear

O Quick to Hear, O Virgin Mother of God, hearken to thy servants, who in painful maladies and sorrows cry out to thee, and save us from all kinds of danger. Drive off the clouds of dark despondency far from my Soul, O Lady, and grant joy of heart unto thy servant, O Maid Most Pure; for thou art the Vessel of Gladness.

The Miraculous Icon of Panagia Gorgoepikoos is at the Monastery of Docheiariou on Mount Athos.


We are Blessed to have a Holy Monastery of Panagia Gorgoepikoos in Geelong, Victoria, which is home to a Miracle-Working copy of the Holy Icon of Our Most Holy Mother She Who is Quick to Hear.