Feast Day: May 6th

The Life of Prophet Job: For the righteous Job was firm and unmoving during these trials, and instead of blaspheming, he thanked God…



Apolytikion: As an indestructible tower of manly courage, thou didst repulse the attacks of Belial and remain unmoved in temptations. Wherefore the Church sings of thee, O wise Job, as a model of endurance and an example of virtue; and she is made radiant by thine exploits.

Kontakion: Thou wast true and just, pious, blameless and Holy, O glorious servant of God. Thou didst enlighten the world by thy perseverance, O much-afflicted Job. Therefore we all honour and praise thy memory.

By Saint Nikolai Velimivoric: Job, the Suffering Servant – Tell me, brother, what you are able to endure, and how much of a man you are, I will tell you. Job the righteous rich man and all-glorious, by satan, on a dunghill was thrown, and with pus and sores covered, to dogs and to men, a horrifying sight! Whatever he had, in a day perished, except faith and except patience. But with the weapon of faith and patience, Job, the horrible satan overcame. The uneven struggle, God looked on, to the righteous one, victory He imparted. With victory, all other riches, and the envious devil shamed.

Prophet Job was a righteous man, Prophesying for 45 years. The evil one asked from God that he may test Job in order to make him blaspheme against God, because God said there is no one more righteous than Job on the Earth at that time.


“Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”

Prophet Job suffered greatly, all his property, his animals, his children, and finally his body, but he thanked God for everything remaining faithful to Him and did not blaspheme one thought or word in anger to God.


“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”

“You know that the first blow the devil gave to Job was through his possessions; and he saw that he had not grieved him nor separated him from God. With the second blow, he touched his flesh, but the brave athlete did not sin by any word that came out of his mouth in that either. In fact, he had within his heart that which is of God, and he drew on that source unceasingly.” – Saint John the Dwarf

“Could Job not have heeded his wife, blasphemed against God, and been free from the disaster which beset him? ‘Curse God and die’ she said. But he chose to suffer the pain and to waste away; he chose to endure that unbearable blow rather to blaspheme and be free from the evils which beset him. You must emulate him. If the demon shall promise you ten thousand cures from the ills which beset you, do not heed him, do not put up with him – just as Job refused to heed his wife. Chose to endure your illness rather than destroy your faith and the salvation of your Soul.’ – Saint John Chrysostom


God Blessed Prophet Job once again, with Earthly possessions.