Feast Day: August 12th

The Life of Saint Aniketos and Saint Photios: When this took place, Photios, the nephew of Aniketos, ran to him and embraced him. For this Photios was bound in iron chains with his uncle, and they were both cast into prison…



Apolytikion: United in the faith, your nearness of kinship was made radiant by your Divine struggles, O Blessed Martyr Aniketos and Photios servant of Light. Pray that those who hymn your Holy contest, may be granted the forgiveness of their sins.

Kontakion: With anthems of praise, ye faithful, let us all extol the Warriors of God, the yoke-pair of Christ’s Majesty; and let all of us who love Martyrs’ Contests crown with our hymns of song the staunch heralds of piety, who truly were friends and lovers of our God.

Kontakion: When godly Photios saw thee contesting in the stadium, O Athlete Aniketos, he joined thee in the struggle and victoriously suffered all the torments. Together with him intercede with Christ our God, that He deliver us from all dangers.

Saint Photios and Saint Aniketos were not physicians in life, however they are considered to be Unmercenary Saints.