Feast Day: January 17th

The Life of Saint Anthony the Great: and he cried out, “Where have You been, O Merciful Jesus? Why didn’t You appear from the very beginning to end my pain?” The Lord replied, “I was here, Anthony, but wanted to see your struggle. Now, since you have not yielded, I shall always help you.”…



Apolytikion: O Father Anthony, you imitated the zealous Elijah. You followed the straight paths of the Baptist and became a desert dweller. By Prayer you confirmed the universe. Wherefore, intercede with Christ our God to save our Souls.

Kontakion: Forsaking the uproars of life O Venerable one, you completed your life in quiet, fully imitating the Baptist. Therefore, we honour you with him, O Anthony, Father of Fathers.

Idiomelon: The Angel upon the Earth, and man of God in the Heavens, the adornment of the world, and the nourishment of good things and of virtues, the boast of Ascetics, let us honour Anthony. For he was planted in the house of God, and blossomed righteously as a cedar in the desert, and multiplied the flocks of the rational sheep of Christ, in Holiness and righteousness.

Oikos: Heeding the Voice of the Lord, you followed after His Commandments. You stripped off the worldly life, and rid yourself of all concern for money, property, and servants, and even the love of your sister, O God-bearer Anthony. Then you most clearly conversed with God alone, and you received the Grace of Spiritual knowledge. Send me this knowledge, as I am about to sing your praise, most Holy Father of Fathers, Saint Anthony.

Doxastikon of the Praises: You boarded a chariot that rode the Heavens, and by Ascetic endeavor you reached the pinnacle of the virtues, O God-inspired Saint. And coming from the desert, you reached the transcendent destination of the Jerusalem on high. You worthily received the honours for your laborious efforts, and you rejoice together with the Celestial Hierarchies, O All-Blessed one, as an heir to Eternal Blessings and a resident of the Kingdom. We pray you, O God-bearing Father Anthony, to intercede with the Saviour of all, that He grant peace to the world and that He save our Souls.

2022 – For thou had had Him Who is Mighty in Wars as thy helper.