Saint Arsenios often found himself Praying for people and situations in which there was no allocated Prayer in his Priest’s Prayer Book, so he would read a relevant Psalm in such situations. Saint Paisios the Athonite recorded this Blessing-Psalter by Saint Arsenios, and said “In Farasa and in the whole region, there was no doctor to be found, except Fr. Arsenios himself, who was a teacher and a doctor of Souls and bodies. He did not, of course, give medical prescriptions to the sick, but read an appropriate Prayer over them and they recovered.” Saint Arsenios was often approached by Muslim people, and if he was in Prayer at the time, the Muslim people would take some soil from his doorstep and this would work a Miracle for them through the Prayers of Saint Arsenios and Christ. He did not discriminate between Christians and Muslims, but welcomed and Prayed for all, loving them as his brothers and sisters in Christ.

When Father Arsenios lifted up his hands in Prayer to God for someone, his very Soul seemed to be breaking, as though he were clasping Christ’s feet and he would not let go until the Lord granted his request