Feast Day: May 9th

The Life of Saint Christopher: As they reached the other side, the Child told him that he had just carried all the sins of the world on his shoulders… Then he recognized Christ, the King Whom he had vowed to serve…


He was indeed a Christ-bearer.


Apolytikion: In beautiful garments woven from thy blood thou dost stand before the King of Heaven. For thou dost chant the Thrice-Holy Hymn with Angels and Martyrs. By thy supplications save thy servants.

Kontakion: Bearing Christ in your Soul, O glorious one, with strength you deposed the leaders of the enemies, therefore entreat Christ, O Christopher, on behalf of our Souls.

Megalynarion: O inscrutable and steadfast Martyr, large in form and God-bearing in mind, you astonished the hordes of the enemies, and you struggled beyond nature with fervour for your Creator.