Feast Day: December 15th

The Life of Saint Eleftherios and his mother Saint Anthia: When his mother, the holy Anthia, came and stood over the dead body of her son, she also was beheaded…



Apolytikion: Adorned with flowing Priestly vesture and with dripping streams of blood you at once went to your Lord Christ, O blessed wise Eleftherios, annihilator of Satan. Wherefore, do not cease to intercede for those who honour your blessed struggles in faith.

Kontakion: O Venerable one, we all praise and entreat you, Eleftherios, Priest-Martyr, comeliness of Priests and exaltation of champions. Deliver from diverse dangers those fervently honouring your memory, interceding unceasingly for us all.

Hymn: You granted pregnant women freedom who had come to your temple, Father, and helped them to deliver their children with ease; and to those who entreated you intently, you granted smooth sailing. Even now you dispense good health to those who are sick, being renowned for your Miracles.

2022 – Chants – You eagerly finished the same race as they did.