Feast Day: February 10th

Date can very if the Feast Day falls on Soul Saturday, it will be the day before.

The Life of Saint Haralambos: During this the Saint turned to his tormentors, “I thank you, brethren, that you have restored my Spirit, which longs to pass over to a new and Everlasting Life!”…



Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: O wise Haralambos, you were proven an unshakable pillar of the Church of Christ; an ever-shining lamp of the universe. You shone in the world by your Martyrdom. You delivered us from the moonless night of idolatry O Blessed one. Wherefore, boldly intercede to Christ that we may be saved.

Kontakion: O Priest-Martyr, athlete, champion Haralambos, your Relics are a priceless treasure of the Church. Wherefore She rejoices, glorifying the Creator.


A pillar unshakable are you in Christ’s Holy Church.