Feast Day: October 3rd

A Prayer

Saint Ieronymos Pray to God for us.

“Let us entrust our life to God, and may it be done as He wishes. Whatever the outcome may be for us, that’s the one that is for our good. For God does not want the perdition of man, but his Salvation. There is no need for despair, rather we should have courage and hope in God. Despair is disbelief. He who sincerely believes in God never despairs. You despair because you don’t believe in the power of God, Who governs all things. Without God we cannot do anything. Excessive sorrow and despair are of the tempter. When I was in Constantinople, and they would tell me to leave, I did not even want to hear of it, I preferred that they should kill me. But the thought comforted me that maybe God wished it. And when I was practically compelled to leave, I learned some time later that many of those who remained were killed by the Turks. Always say, “May Thy Will be done.’ Have joy and sorrow as guests, but not despair. No matter how much sorrow the evil one brings, do not despair. Say, ‘I have my Christ, He was Crucified for me and loves me.’ When you have a difficult case, you hand it over to a lawyer, and you don’t speak, he speaks for you. And so it is now. Entrust what bothers you to God and He will take it over. Run to our Christ, implore Him to give you strength, do not despair. You are the work of His hands. He will help you.”

“Make it your care to love Christ greatly, and this love will move you to love other people also, and to acquire patience. Bring to mind our Christ. His Sacrifice on the Cross was not because we loved Him, but because He loves us; and poured out His Blood, in order to free us from sin. Pray, and God will help you. And implore God to bring you close to Him, and to give you patience. He is compassionate, and will hearken to you, provided that you seek it from Him.”

“Do not leave Prayers. Be afraid of negligence and indifference. When you Pray in the morning and feel affection, you will fly all day, like on wings. And when you start the morning without Prayer, everything will go wrong with you.”

“The evil one cannot comprehend the joy we receive from the Spiritual life; for this reason he is jealous of us, he envies us and sets traps for us, and we become grieved and fall. We must struggle, because without struggles we do not obtain virtues”


“Avoid idle talk. For the forty-some years that I have been a clergyman in Aegina, not once have I sat at a table with anyone. When they are insistent, at the most I will have a coffee. Nothing more. Too much boldness, freedom of speech, and familiarity weakens a mans resistance and little by little temptation enters and gives rise to grave situations. For this reason it is better to refrain as much as possible. And when you perceive that there is a possibility that a danger and scandal could come about, don’t take anything into account, just flee far away. Never permit the physical to overpower the Spiritual part. Be careful of your mind. Do not permit anything to captivate it and separate if from God.”

“Love quietude and silence. Avoid if possible people. Love everyone, but do not love anyone. That is, don’t tie down your mind with anything else, except Christ.”


“Listen to how it goes every day. Put your future on the Divine Providence. God will help. What God wants is what will happen. Do not think about the future and do not burden your mind with your thoughts about it.”

“When the children are young, talk to them about God; when they grow up, talk to God about them.”

“… Don’t be sad about your son who you say is not close to the Church. It saddens us, but what can we do? Pray! Pray to God. Your child is good, but now he is at war, he wrestles with youth and sin. In any case, you’ll do whatever you can, because in the other life our Christ will ask of you either your children saved or calloused knees from your Prayers. Unfortunately, parents don’t know the obligation they have toward their children.”

During the German occupation, a German soldier, who had heard of the Elder’s gift of healing, visited him and asked him to heal a big wound he had in his leg. The Elder did. Instead of a thank you, the German soldier left behind a grenade, which blew up, leaving the Elder without an arm and with a loss of hearing. The Elder nevertheless thanked God, saying: “Lord, I had nothing when I came to the world. You brought me [here]. You gave me everything. Glory be to Your name. Whatever Your plan is for me, let it be done. If it is for the benefit of my soul, take my other arm too!” Temptations, tests, suffering are part of our life, our existence. The more we fight, the more we struggle, the more we wage spiritual warfare, the more we are tested.”


“Find in your neighbour at least one good trait, a quality that you do not have, and by this positive line appreciate, love, admire, rejoice and perceive it. Don’t pay too much attention to the rest.”


“Pray to God to help you. Kneel before your Icon-stand, and tell Him: ‘So many years away from You, I have grieved You; I was living in darkness. Now grant me some of Your Light, and do not abandon me, my Christ. You’re all I’ve got. People love today and tomorrow they leave. I am a sheep of Your rational flock and I take refuge in You, the Good Shepherd; seek me, who am lost, my God, and have mercy on me… Open unto me Your fatherly arms…’ Chant whenever you can, and Pray to God to bring you near Him and to give you patience. He is merciful and He will listen to you, only ask Him.”


“A bed is a grave. We do not know if we will arise in the morning. We should always be prepared.”