Feast Day: September 4th

The Life of Saint Jerusalem and sons Saint Sekendos, Saint Sekendikos and Saint Kegoros: After the death of her husband, she and her sons traveled to many places preaching Christ to the pagans…



Apolytikion: O four-numbered band of Athletes of Christ, Sekendikos, Sekendos with Kegoros, together let us honour, along with their mother, Jerusalem the Divine, who is Hymned together with them, having contested together, ever intercede for us before the Holy Trinity.

Saint Jerusalem was from Alexandria and had three sons named Saint Sekendos, Saint Sekendikos and Saint Kegoros. When her husband passed away, Saint Jerusalem travelled with her sons to many places Preaching Our Lord Jesus Christ. She became a Nun in Beroia and led many idolators to Christ. She and her sons were tortured to deny Christ, however they remained steadfast and received the Crown of Martyrdom. Saint Jerusalem’s first son was dragged behind horses, her second son was beaten to death with sticks, and her third son was forced to put on a heated helmet. Saint Jerusalem was then beheaded.