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The Life of Saint John Chrysostom: His last words were, “Glory be to God for all things.” …


2023 – Life – Begins at 2:00:12
2022 – Chants – The sweetly-speaking Golden-mouth that taught the Dogmas of the Church
2021 – You are a Teacher Ordained by Christ.


Apolytikion: Grace like a flame shining forth from thy mouth has illumined the universe, and disclosed to the world treasures of poverty and shown us the height of humility. And as by thine own words thou teachest us, Father John Chrysostom, so intercede with the Word, Christ our God, to save our Souls.

Kontakion: Thou hast received Divine Grace from Heaven, and with thy lips thou dost teach all men to adore the One God in Three Persons. O John Chrysostom, most Blessed Saint, we rightly praise thee; for thou art our teacher, revealing things Divine.

Prosomoia: Let us praise in song the golden trumpet, the instrument inspired by God, the inexhaustible ocean of doctrines, the support of the Church, the Heavenly mind, the depth of wisdom, the mixing bowl of solid gold which pours out rivers of teachings that flow with honey and which waters creation.

Prosomoia: Let us fittingly honour John of golden speech, the unsetting star which lights with the rays of its teachings the whole wide Earth; the herald of repentance, the all-golden sponge that takes away the sweat of dread despair and moistens hearts wasted by sins.

Doxastikon: Thrice-Blessed, Holiest, Venerable Father, the good shepherd and Disciple of Christ the Chief Shepherd, you lay down your life for the sheep. Now too, all-praised John Chrysostom, by your Prayers ask that we may be granted His great mercy.

Doxastikon: With golden words and teachings inspired by God you adorned the Church of God, storing up in it spiritual riches, your words received from God, and so, having woven for you with songs a crown of unfading flowers, she offers it to your Sacred Memory, O John, wise in God, all golden of Soul and tongue. But as you have freedom to speak, Venerable Father, intercede on behalf of our Souls.

Doxastikon: You were revealed as golden-voiced trumpet, O Golden Mouthed of golden words, making the hearts of the faithful golden by your teachings worked in gold. For the sound of your doctrines went out, Venerable Father, and enlightened the ends of all the world.




Quotes by Saint John Chrysostom

The words of Saint John Chrysostom truly are golden! In time you will be able to find some of these here, however until then you can read a number of his quotes on our Holy Quotes page.

Fasting and Repentance, according to Saint John Chrysostom