Feast Day: November 12th

The Life of Saint John the Merciful: At the beginning of his Patriarchal service he ordered his stewards to compile a list of all the poor and downtrodden in Alexandria, which turned out to be over seven thousand men. The Saint ordered that all of these unfortunates be provided for each day out of the Church’s treasury…


2023 – Life & Chants


Epistle Reading

Gospel Reading

Apolytikion: In patiently enduring, you obtained your reward, O Venerable Father. You persevered in your Prayers without ceasing; and you loved the impoverished and you satisfied them. We entreat you, intercede with Christ God, O Blessed John the Merciful, for the Salvation of our Souls.

Kontakion: Thy riches and wealth didst thou disperse unto the poor; thou now hast received the Heavens’ riches in return. For this cause, O all-wise John, we all honour thee with our songs of praise as we keep thy memorial, O namesake of almsgiving and of mercy.

Megalynarion: Ever-flowing river of charity flooding with compassion and distributing to the hearts of those who are lost and thus taste of its fountain do now ever hymn you great John the Merciful.


2022 – Chants – Thus you imitated your Sympathetic Master’s Mercy O devout one.
2021 – You persevered in your Prayers without ceasing and the poor you loved.
2020 – He appointed you to to lead His flock, which you guided to the Divine Will, O Father John.



Blessed John the Merciful, intercede with Christ Our God, for the Salvation of our Souls.