Feast Day: November 25th

The Life of Saint Katherine: And again Saint Katherine had a vision of the Most Holy Mother of God with her Child. Now the Lord looked tenderly at her and gave her a ring…


a movie about Saint Katherine


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: Let us praise the most auspicious Bride of Christ, the Divine Katherine, protectress of Sinai, our aid and our help. For, she brilliantly silenced the eloquence of the impious by the sword of the Spirit, and now, Crowned as a Martyr, she asks great Mercy for all.

Kontakion: O friends of Martyrs, now Divinely raise up a renewed chorus, praising the All-Wise Katherine. For, she proclaimed Christ in the arena, trampled on the serpent, and spat upon the knowledge of the orators.

Kontakion: We sing hymns of praise to the chosen and Crowned virgin and Martyr, the Bride of Christ Catherine as the most glorious victor over the tormentor and most wise teacher of philosophers: O Holy Martyr Catherine, who approaches the Lord with boldness, incline graciously towards the needful petitions of those who call unto you: Rejoice, O Catherine, Most Wise Bride of Christ.

Kathisma: The virgin and chaste Catherine the Wise, who through the power of Christ, truly was strengthened, and entered the stadium with rejoicing. And she deposed the tyrant through her steadfastness, along with the whole multitude of the enemy foes, and she ceaselessly chanted with joy and with a great voice: O my Christ, You are my Glory, my Saviour and my Deliverer; do You receive my Spirit.

Oikos: As pure as the Angels, O Holy virgin Catherine, you have become like the Angels of the Divine illumination, singing with them the Thrice Holy Hymn, O hear us who sing to you on this Earth: Rejoice, O Catherine, Most Wise Bride of Christ.

Hymn of Praise, by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich: The Wise Catherine, an Earthly Princess, became a Martyr for Christ the Saviour. Foolish Maxentius offered her life: If she would consent to become his wife! The Holy Catherine, pure as gold, replied to the emperor thus: ‘My betrothed is the Risen Christ, and I desire not the love of a corrupt man. You seek my body: the rotten seeks corruption, even as the incorrupt Spirit seeks immortality. The physical covering must wither away, the true man takes care for his immortal Soul. Do what you wish, and torture me- Burn me in the fire, turn me on a wheel; I cannot renounce my own Soul, nor worship any but Christ as God. Remember, O Emperor, soon you will die, and worms will erupt from your corpse- worms will glorify you, worms will eat you, a curse will accompany you, and a curse will meet you: For you dare wage war against Christ, Who is mightier than death. You stand under the Rock, and He will crush you.’ Holy Catherine, Christ’s Virgin, you despised the throne for Eternal Truth’s sake; and thus now reign in the Kingdom without end, and sing with the Angels, in the midst of sweet Paradise.

2022- Chants – Therefore the Creator Who was watching your contest appeared and encouraged you.
2021 – Chants – You matched the beauty of your body with the comeliness of your Soul.




Below are some Icons of the two Great Virgin Martyrs and Brides of Christ – Saint Katherine and Saint Barbara