Feast Day: July 19th

The Life of Saint Makrina: She therefore separated herself from every worldly intercourse, and found herself to be with her mother, entirely coming into a new state of being by reading and studying the Divine Scriptures, and became as a second mother in raising and educating her brothers born after her…


2023 – The Life of Saint Makrina – Led by her words I entered up to the sanctuary of the Heavens


Apolytikion: In thee the image was preserved with exactness, O Mother; for taking up thy cross, thou didst follow Christ, and by thy deeds thou didst teach us to overlook the flesh, for it passeth away, but to attend to the Soul since it is immortal. Wherefore, O Venerable Macrina, thy spirit rejoiceth with the Angels.

Apolytikion: Thou didst lend wings to thy mind by thy love of wisdom, and wisely abandon the world’s comforts. Thou wast an abode of true philosophy, and by thine Ascetic life, thou didst become a glorious bride of the Saviour. Intercede with Him for those who cry: Rejoice, O God-bearing Macrina.

Kontakion: Thou wast filled with the light of righteousness, and reflected the Divine life as an initiator of virtues for those who cry to thee with faith: Rejoice, O Macrina, glory of virgins.

Kathisma: Through Holiness of life, thou, the pure lamb without spot, wast mysteriously united and wed to the Lord God; for thou hadst adorned thyself with the beauty of Grace Divine. Wherefore, thou hast now received the Grace to work healings, curing every sickness by the strength of the Spirit, Macrina most venerable.

Saint Makrina is the daughter of Saint Emmelia and Saint Basil the Elder, and she is also the sister of Saint Basil the Great, Saint Gregory of Nyssa, Saint Naukratios of Mount Nitria, Saint Peter of Sebaste, Saint Theosevia, and other righteous sisters.