Feast Day: May 11th

The Life of Saint Mokios: When threatened with torture, he replied, “My death for Christ is a great accomplishment for me.”



Apolytikion: Serving Christ as a Priest of glory, you offered yourself as a rational sacrifice, and a whole-burnt offering on the coal of your struggles, therefore, O Mokios, you were Crowned with dual Crowns for your struggles by Him Who glorified you: Christ, Who loves mankind.

Kontakion: Arming yourself with the barred-gate of the faith, you conquered the ranks of the impious, and received the Crown of Glory from the Lord, O Blessed Mokios, therefore, as you rejoice with the Angels, deliver those who hymn you from dangers, entreating ceaselessly on behalf of us all.

 Megalynarion: Mocking the delusion of the enemy, as the godly Priest of piety, you were strengthened in struggles amidst weakness, O Martyr, and you protect from the darkness, O Mokios the glorious.