Feast Day: March 2nd

The Life of Saint Nicholas Planas: For fifty consecutive years he Liturgized daily from 8 am til 2 pm… He was the ‘Sacred little Elder’ who comforted every human pain…


2022 – The Life of Saint Nicholas Planas


Apolytikion: Let us praise our protector, the Godly Nicholas; as one endowed with blest virtue, he shone forth as true Priest of the Most High God, and was His fervent worshipper. For, by his Holy life on Earth, he hath left us most sublime, Divine and unfailing teachings of long-suffering, meekness, patience, unfeigned humility and true God-like love.

Kontakion: Humble of spirit and pure of heart, illustrious in life and dispassionate of a truth, wast thou, O wise one. Thou didst illumine all by the virtues and dost grant Grace unto them that draw nigh unto thee; and by thine intercessions, thou dost heal them that call upon thee, O Father Nicholas.

Megalynarion: As a simple shepherd of Christ God’s lambs, thou didst tend thy flock well on the pasture of piety, nourishing their spirits with ceaseless supplications and leading them to Christ, O wise Father Nicholas.