Feast Day: Bright Tuesday (April 9th)

The Life of Saint Nicholas: Nicholas was moved by the teaching of Saint Raphael and they became firm friends and his disciple…



Akathist Hymn


Apolytikion: Having contended on Lesvos for the sake of Christ God, you have Sanctified the island since the discovery of your Sacred Relics, O Blessed ones; for what reason we honour you, O God-bearing Raphael, together with Nicholas and Virgin Irene, as our Divine protectors and intercessors with the Lord.

Kontakion: Let all of us honour as our protectors and miracle-workers the Holy Martyrs who manifestly contended for Christ. Whose Relics were hidden under the Earth for many years, and who have manifested themselves to us in wondrous ways, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, as well as those who contended with them in a godly-minded manner.

Megalynarion: Let us honour with hymns the Hosiomartyrs of Christ, divine Raphael and venerable Nicholas, together with Irene, the guardians of Lesvos, for helping all.


2022 – In faith we now run to them and we greatly rejoice in Soul
2021 – Come all, let us go there with ardent Faith…


Before his Martyrdom, Saint Nicholas would visit fellow Christians in prison to encourage and strengthen them in their tortures for their love and Confession for Christ. He became friends with many Martyrs, including Saint Demos the New Martyr.