Feast Day: August 5th

& February 2nd (Sunday after the Feast of the Presentation of Christ to the Temple), The Feast Day of the Mothers of the Three Hierarchs

The Life of Saint Nonna: “She knew,” says Saint Gregory the Theologian, “one thing to be truly noble: to be pious and to know from where we have come and where we are going; and that there is one innate and trusty wealth: to use one’s substance on God and on the poor, especially the impoverished kin…


A Prayer

Prosomoia: How shall we call you, O Divine Nonna? A mother of fervent Prayer, like that of the Prophet Samuel, the sweetest spouse, as proclaimed by Gabriel? You sprouted the all-wise Gregory, and you watered Caesarios and Gorgonia with the springs of piety, and the waters of the faith, intercede, that our Souls be saved.