Feast Day: August 27th

The Life of Saint Phanourios: Phanourios, lost for centuries in the ruins of a Church, became the Patron Saint of things lost…


Life & Chants 2022 – Your name denotes one who shines light, and you Phanourios have shone on all.


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: A Heavenly song of praise is chanted radiantly upon the Earth; the company of Angels now joyfully celebrateth an Earthly festival, and from on high with hymns they praise thy contests, and from below the Church doth proclaim the Heavenly Glory which thou hast found by thy labours and struggles, O Glorious Phanourios.

Kontakion: Thou didst save the Priests from an ungodly captivity, and didst break their bonds by Divine power, O Godly-minded one; thou didst bravely shame the audacity of the tyrants, and didst gladden the orders of the Angels, O Great Martyr. Wherefore, we honour thee, O Divine warrior, Glorious Phanourios.

Doxastikon: You lately appeared to us as a newly-shining star of the Church, O Champion Phanourios, and through your revelation, you truly shine upon all the gifts of your hidden riches. Those who praise your all-famed Memory cry out to you together: Rejoice, O soldier of Christ all-wondrous, who worked the struggle of piety as a champion. Rejoice, you who were nourished by the Light of the Lord, and according to your name, you reveal the knowledge of things unknown. Rejoice, the adornment of the people of Rhodes, the radiance of Martyrs, and the intercessor of all the faithful before the Lord. Entreat Him, we pray, on behalf of our Souls.

Doxastikon: You truly showed your deeds to correspond to the calling of your name, O Great Martyr Phanourios, for you are revealed to us all, you who were formerly hidden, revealing the radiance of your Martyric graces, and deeds of wondrous protection, having been Glorified as an Athlete of Christ. Therefore, we joyously celebrate your Blessed struggle, and the finding of your Icon, and we proclaim your benefactions towards us, and together, we cry out to you: Intercede with the Word and Giver-of-Crowns, that we might find Mercy on the Day of Judgment.

Hymn: Being true to your name, O Phanourios, you radiantly shine with light upon all the Church of Christ, and you dissolve the night of temptations and dangers and trials, through the rays of your all-radiant protection, as our intercessor to the Lord.

Prayer: Master Lord Jesus Christ our God, the Maker of Light and Source and Fount of Wisdom and Knowledge, the cause of all that is good, the fullness of goodness and the incomprehensible sea of compassion, Who does excellent things and works wonders in His Saints, by whom Your magnificent and All-Holy Name is Glorified, Who reveals to us the ways of Salvation by the knowledge of Your Holy Commandments, O Good One, and shines upon our Souls with Your gladsome and un-waning Light, You Whose Grace is wondrous through all Your Saints, Your chosen and faithful stewards, to all those who call upon them with their whole heart, who through Your all-working power working awesome and paradoxical wonders, of which there is no number, Who through your Holy Great-martyr Phanourios the Newly-Revealed, revealed that which was hidden from us and reveals them speedily, Who teaches us to ask faithfully in humility, that richly You may give according to Your Compassionate and All-Merciful nature, Who wishes that all be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth, Who said that “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life”. Do therefore now, All-Good King and Lord of all, by this Your Holy Great-Martyr Phanourios the Wonderworker whom we entreat, bestow upon us who faithfully honour him, an intercessor towards You armed with Your strength, and grant to us the illumination of Your Grace, make us worthy to walk in the paths of Your Commandments, to come to the knowledge of Your good and complete Will, reveal to us the paths of Salvation, show to us the way of repentance, that pleasing You through these, Who works what is beneficial to our Souls, reveal to us the treasures of Your knowledge, that to those seeking these, we who entreat You in faith, make our heart the dwelling of Your bright Holy Spirit and a receptacle of Your Frace, so that with all Your Saints from the ages we may Glorify You O Light-Giving Lord, Who in these is Glorified and to You do we offer up honour and worship, together with Your Beginningless Father and Your All-Holy and Good and Life-Giving Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen.


2021 – From them that call on thee with faith and fervour of spirit, giving them their asking…