Feast Day: May 6th

The Life of Saint Sophia Kleisoura: Her soul breathed Christ and the Panagia with her simple and humble love. “One is the Lord and one is the Lady”, she would say of Christ and the Panagia, “the rest of us are all siblings.”



Apolytikion: O Blessed Mother Sophia, you became wise, and the adornment of the Mother of God, and you lived your life in the Monastery ascetically, from which have spread the praise of your struggles, striking the ranks of the demons. And as you stand as an intercessor before Christ, do not neglect those who honour you with fervour.

Kontakion: You became a treasury of Divine wisdom and all-consuming fear [of God], O Mother Sophia; through your motherly intercessions, O Blessed one, you offer to all the richness of Grace.

Megalynarion: Being made Spiritually wise, O Mother, you passed the whole of your life in utter patience, and now you are made to dwell in the beauty of your Bridegroom, in His bridal chamber.

Her husband disappeared and her baby son died, she lived in the mountains in asceticism and spoke about Christ with simplicity and humility…


In 1919 Panagia appeared to Saint Sophia and said “Come to my house.” Saint Sophia asked “Where are you and where is your house?” Panagia responded “I am in Kleisoura.” Then Saint Sophia went and lived in the Monastery of the Birth of the Theotokos in Kleisoura, Kastoria when she was 44 years old.


She had a close relationship with the wild animals, particularly bears, birds and snakes.


“The fear of God makes a person wise. What is the fear of God? Not that one should be afraid of God, but to be afraid to sadden someone, to harm someone, to do them no wrong, and to not make accusations. This is wisdom. After all this, God will illumine you as to what to do in your life.”

“Young people should keep in mind the all-powerful words of God.”

“The words of God are like roses in your heart.”


“Look with your eyes, but don’t see anything. Listen with your ears, but don’t hear anything. Do not blaspheme with your mouth, put a lock over your mouth as to not transfer words from one person to another. Have love for everyone. Shelter others so that you can be sheltered by God. Have patience my dear children, lots of patience.”

“Whoever is patient, joy to him, whoever is patient, like the sun will shine.”


“May you be well. May you have joy! Repent, my children… May you have Prayer… day and night… wherever you walk, wherever you are found, wherever you are standing, always you should say: ‘My Christ, have mercy on me!’ With a sweet tongue speak to God, that your Prayer might reach Him.”

“Above is the Father and he sees us. Pray that you and your children will be saved.”


“You see me here how I am for so many years? Here, three demons have been fighting me… The one is faithlessness… The other demon is sloth… The third I don’t remember, most likely anthropareskeias [the desire to ever please other people]…”

“My Soul is burning for Christ!”


“Have fear of God… Have Love… Have compassion.”

“Don’t say many words, may the be few and blessed. Love God, and your heart will shine like the sun.”

“Let the mouth become basil and a rose.”


When the Ecclesiastical Calendar changed in Greece, Saint Sophia kept the fasts of both the Old and New Calendars, so not to offend anyone.

“Oh, if you only knew what happened to the Lord on Wednesday and Friday, you would put nothing in your mouth. Neither bread, nor oil. Do not break the fast of Wednesday and Friday.”


“The Panagia weeps, she weeps every day. She says to her Son: ‘My Son and my God, grant the world wisdom, forgive the world.”

“Panagia told me where, in the Holy Books of the chosen of my Son, it says everything that will occur in time. A third war will occur… Three-quarters of mankind will be destroyed… Only one-quarter will be saved…”

Panagia told her: “Tell them… Tell them about the short dresses… Tell them about the apostasy… Preach repentance!… Let them not wear indecent dresses in Church… Let them have humble dress.”

“Be prudent… Not short sleeves, not short hair. Panagia [χωλιάσκεται].”

“Greece, if she keeps the faith, will be saved from the evil which is about to come. If, however, she does not keep the faith, she will be destroyed… All the demons will fall upon her… The evil will come and the wheat will be separated from the chaff, the sheep from the goats…”

“If the world repents, we will take back the City [Constantinople] with Love… If we do not repent, we will take it back with blood…”

“I will leave but you know greed will lose the world, greed, and pride.”

“The Angels speak every day. God sends the Angels to see if people are repenting.”

“God is waiting, waiting…”

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on Your world, and later, on us!”



“The Panagia came with the Archangel Gabriel and Saint George, as well as other Saints. The Archangel said: ‘We will cut you now’. I said: ‘I am a sinner, I must confess, receive communion, then you can cut me’. ‘You will not die’, he said, ‘we are doing a surgery on you’, and he cut me open.”

“Almsgiving should be in secret, for God alone to know.”


“Look for and find the poor and gather them and help them. This is what God wants, and not to go to Church as if to Pray.”

“Give to the poor. We? We are insatiable, foolish, blasphemous, greedy.”


“Let us have love, humility and patience in temptations. Pride is a bad thing… it sends the Soul to hell…”

“Never say it’s me. God is! You are nothing but believing in Christ. If you believe, everything will come in handy but don’t have pride.”

“Repent. Do not get between married couples, do not separate husband and wives!”

“God does not reveal sins to me… Only in the face of a person I see light or darkness. And unfortunately, most are darkness…”

“Did you see? Did you hear? Shut your mouth!”