Feast Day: May 26th

The Life of Saint Synesios: His gentleness, the sweetness of his words and convincing arguments were reinforced by his numerous Miracles. In this way, the enemies of the Church who sought to tear apart the seamless Tunic of the Lord among the faithful of Cyprus, rediscovered the true Gospel message of Salvation and the correct path of the Christian faith…



Apolytikion: The boast of Karpasia and the ornament of Cyprus, you showed yourself to be a Wonderworker, our Hierarch Father Synesios; for through your Heavenly Miracles you showed, Blessed one, that you heal the sick, and the Souls of those who run to you with faith. Glory to Him Who gave you strength, Glory to Him Who Crowned you, Glory to Him Who works through you healings for all.

Kontakion: As an invincible champion and fervent support, the faithful flee to you, Father Synesios, redeeming them from sorrows and dangers; but as one having boldness towards the Lord, save us all from disasters that we may cry out: Rejoice Father Synesios.

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