We also then become participants in God’s Plan of Salvation.
You have so many people that can protect you and can carry you.
“May the Grace of the One Born from me be with them through me.”
Our heroes are the Saints, and that’s who we follow.
One Saint commemorated more than any other Saint is Saint John the Baptist.
And bring forth the Fruits of this Church; which is Saints in Australia.
How did you endure so many torments?
The Saints sought to grow Spiritually every day in their life.
We have fighting with us and for us, Our Most Precious Mother the Theotokos and Saints.
Every time I felt tempted, I would look at this small book with the Icon of Saint Marina . . .
Holiness is our Spiritual DNA.
He could see the Presence of the Angels.
Holy Forerunner John the Baptist, grant me Repentance through the Holy Spirit.
So we can have the Patience and the Faith of the Saints.


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