She confirmed them in the faith day and night, teaching them with words inspired by God and saying, “My beloved daughters… the hour has arrived for you to be Betrothed unto your Immortal Bridegroom. In accordance with your names, may you display firm Faith, undoubting Hope, and unfeigned and never failing Love… My sweet children, do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the enemy’s allurements, for the Emperor will entice you greatly and promise you rich presents, offering you glory, wealth, honour, and all the beautiful and sweet things of this corruptible and vain world. But love none of these things, for they all vanish like smoke and are scattered like dust by the wind and like a flower or grass wither and return to the Earth. Neither be daunted by the prospect of grievous tortures, for having suffered them but a short while and having overcome the foe, you will rejoice forever. I believe that my God, Jesus Christ, will not forsake you…”