“The candles lit before Icons of Saints reflect their ardent love for God for Whose sake they gave up everything that man prizes in life, including their very lives, as did the Holy Apostles, Martyrs and others. These candles also mean that these Saints are lamps burning for us and providing light for us by their own Saintly living, their virtues and their ardent intercession for us before God through their constant Prayers by day and night. The burning candles also stand for our ardent zeal and the sincere sacrifice we make out of reverence and gratitude to them for their solicitude on our behalf before God.”

“What does the daily invocation of the Saints signify – of different ones each day, during the whole year, and during our whole life? It signifies that God’s Saints – as our brethren, but perfect – live, and are near us – ever ready to help us by the Grace of God. We live together with them in the house of our Heavenly Father, only in different parts of it. We live in the Earthly, they in the Heavenly half; but we can converse with them and they with us. God’s Saints are near to believing hearts and, like the truest and kindest of friends, are ready in a moment to help the faithful and pious who call upon them with faith and love… I speak by experience.”

“Icons in Churches and houses are necessary because they remind us of the immortality of the Saints; that they live unto Him, that in God they see, hear and help us.”

“Ask the Angels and the Saints to intercede for you, just as you’d ask people who are alive. Stand face to face with them, in the belief that they’re also standing face to face with you.”