The Conception of Saint John the Forerunner: September 23rd

Gospel Reading

Apolytikion: Rejoice, O thou barren one who hadst not borne until now; for lo, in all truth thou hast conceived the lamp of the Sun, and he shall send forth his light over all the Earth, which is afflicted with blindness. Dance, O Zacharias, and cry out with great boldness: The one to be born is the blest Prophet of God Most High.

Kontakion: Great Zacharias now doth rejoice with resplendence; Elizabeth his glorious yoke-mate exulteth; for she hath conceived Divine John the Forerunner worthily, whom the great Archangel had announced with rejoicing, whom, as it is meet, we men revere as a sacred initiate of Grace Divine.

2022 – The friend of the Bridegroom
The Divinely-Prepared Lamp of the Eternal Light is now conceived at the sounding of an Angel’s voice.

Prophet Zacharias and Saint Elizabeth were married but did not have any children for many years. They Prayed to God to give them a child and with God’s Blessing Archangel Gabriel announced to them they will have a child, and they became the parents of Saint John the Forerunner.