“The Cross is the door to the Mysteries.”

“The knowledge of the Cross is concealed in the sufferings of the Cross.”

“If God is slow in answering your request, or if you ask but do not promptly receive anything, do not be upset, for you are not wiser than God.”

“The path to God is a daily cross. No one has ascended to Heaven by way of ease. We know where the easy way leads.”

“In proportion to your humility you are given patience in your woes; and in proportion to your patience the burden of your afflictions is made lighter and you will find consolation; in proportion to your consolation, your love of God increases; and in proportion to your love, your joy in the Holy Spirit is magnified.”

“When you want to make a beginning of a good deed, first prepare for temptations, which will come to you, and don’t doubt the truth [of that which you do for God.]”

“God requires not the doing of the Commandments for their own sake, but the correction of the Soul, for whose sake He established the Commandments.”

“Humility receives compassion, continually.”

“Without temptations, it is not possible to learn the wisdom of the Spirit. It is not possible that Divine love be strengthened in your Soul. Before temptations, a man Prays to God as a stranger. When temptations are allowed to come by the love of God, and he does not give in to them, then he stands before God as a sincere friend. For in fulfilling the Will of God, he has made war on the enemy of God and conquered him.”

“It is not necessary to roam Heaven and Earth after God or to send our mind to seek Him in different places. Purify your Soul, O son of man, remove from yourself the thought of memories outside of nature; hang the veil of chastity and humility before your impulses. By means of these you will be able to find Him Who is within you.”

“It is a Spiritual gift from God for a man to perceive his sins.”