Feast Day: June 11th

The Life of the Chinese Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion: …a group of Chinese Orthodox Christians gave up their lives for Christ and His Church in the great city of Beijing…



Apolytikion: Let us the flock of Christ with love and piety now glorify with hymns and truly joyous odes the faithful Martyrs of the truth who suffered for Christ in China. For having confessed the Faith, they all bravely went unto death as lambs which were sacrificed for Our Shepherd and Master Christ. And therefore to the Martyrs we cry out: Remember us all, who sing your praises.

Kontakion: The divine Metrophanes, the martyred shepherd, with his great and faithful flock, have hallowed China with their blood; wherefore we praise them with sacred hymns, for they were faithful to Christ even unto death.

“I am an Orthodox Christian and I believe in Christ, not in demons” – Saint Father Mitrophan

“I was born here at the Church of the All-Holy Mother of God, I will die here, too.” – Saint Maria, the bride of Isaiah

Below is a photo of the Church which was built over the the place of the Martyrdom of the Chinese Martyrs. This Church has since been destroyed.


Below is a photo of the only stone that remains showing the place of the Martyrdom of the Holy Martyrs of China.