“The komboskini works Miracles.”

“When you Pray with your komboskini for one of our brothers or your relatives, you are not wasting your time. God will help him when he finds himself in a difficult situation. Not only does the komboskini help but it can also free a Soul from hell! So great is the power of Prayer!”

“The Jesus Prayer gives you so much sweetness, so much joy. It’s short, but it’s got so much power. So much, that you say: ‘Even if I go to hell, I’m not afraid. I’ll just say the Prayer there, as well’.”

“All the Holy Fathers cry out that the most important thing in the life of every Christian is Prayer. Do you want to put your life in order? Pray. Do you want to be saved? Pray. All Prayers are good and Holy, but noetic Prayer is the queen of them. “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.” From this little but all-powerful Prayer, the Holy Fathers were set in motion and became shining stars of the Church. Say this little Prayer unceasingly as much as you can, day and night, and it will teach you that which you desire, that which you do not know. Get going with this little Prayer!”

“Prayer is a struggle. It strengthens the fight of the faithful against the devil but it is itself also a painful and bloody struggle. All our effort is to concentrate our nous on the words of the “Jesus Prayer”.”

“Set aside half an hour out of the twenty-four to say the Prayer. Whenever you are able; but the evening is best. Say it without using the prayer rope – in supplication, pleading, and with tears. ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.’ Cultivate this, and you’ll see what fruit it brings. From half an hour, it will become an hour. And guard this hour. Whether the phone is ringing, or you have this task you need to do now, or you’re sleepy, or some blasphemy is confronting you. Nothing. Turn off the phone. Finish your tasks. Do this half hour and you’ll see. You’ve planted a little tree, and tomorrow or the day after it will bear fruit. Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Basil both began like this and became luminaries for the whole world. Saint Symeon the New Theologian had experiences of the Uncreated Light while still a layman. He was a layman. How many laymen appear as such exteriorly, but deep down are monastics!”

“‘Geronda, how should I say the [Jesus) Prayer?”You will think of yourself as in a port and right then a ship is departing and in that ship is Christ and all the Church. What will you do? Won’t you let out a loud yell, with all your might: “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me!” That is how we should Pray – with such strength of our soul.'”