Apolytikion: O Lord, save Your people and bless Your inheritance; grant victory to the faithful over their adversaries. And protect Your commonwealth, by the power of Your Cross.

Prayer: We Venerate Your Cross O Master, and we Glorify Your Holy Resurrection.

Akathist: to the Life-Giving Cross of Christ

Canon: of the Most Holy, Precious and Life-Giving Cross

Megalynarion: Saviour, we believers throughout the world, today are exulting Your All-Holy and Precious Cross, lifting up our voices we faithfully implore You, O Logos, that You give us Mercy and Grace Divine.



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Save, O Lord, Your people, and Bless Your inheritance.
The Cross is the Guardian of all the world.
For through the Wood of His Cross He hath made them incorruptible.
Tree of The Cross you are thrice Blessed.