The year before his Blessed Repose, on the Feast Day of the Annunciation, Saint Seraphim saw Our Most Beloved Queen of Heaven once more. She came to Saint Seraphim together with Saint John the Baptist, Saint John the Theologian, and the Virgin Martyrs Saint Barbara, Saint Katherine, Saint Thekla, Saint Marina, Saint Irene, Saint Eupraxia, Saint Pelagia, Saint Dorothea, Saint Makrina, Saint Justina, Saint Juliana, and Saint Anysia. The Most Holy Mother of God spoke for a long time with Saint Seraphim, and she entrusted the Sisters of the Diveyevo Monastery to him. At the end of their conversation, Our Most Holy Mother of God said to Saint Seraphim, “Soon, my dear one, you shall be with us.”

“The only valuables on Earth are good works done for Christ: These win us the Grace of the Holy Spirit.”