A Spiritual meeting between Saint Paisios and Saint Porphyrios:

Elder Porphyrios relates: Once on the Holy Mountain, I was traveling by tractor with Father Paisios. The two of us were saying the [Jesus] Prayer mystically. Our Souls were united. At a certain point, he got off and we continued. Oh, then you should have seen it! As he was leaving, he rushed towards me and embraced me noetically. You should have seen this unification of Souls. You can love others spiritually, and embrace them and feel them, though they are still far away.


Athonite Hieromonk Christodoulos related:

“It was a pleasure to see how Elder Paisios and Elder Porphyrios thought about each other. One of the Monks said to Elder Paisios: ‘I’d like to talk to you about something I’ve discussed with Elder Porphyrios’.‘If you’ve talked to Elder Porphyrios, you don’t need to talk to me as well, because he’s a coloured satellite television and I’m only a black and white set’. That was the humble view of the Elder. On the other hand, Elder Porphyrios told us: ‘The Grace that Elder Paisios has is worth more than mine, because he’s acquired it through great efforts and ascetic sweat, whereas God gave me mine completely for free, when I was still very young, simply so that I could be of help to the other Monks’.