It happened that Abba Moses was struggling with the temptation of fornication. Unable to stay any longer in the Cell, he went and told Abba Isidore. The old man exhorted him to return to his Cell. But he refused, saying, ‘Abba, I cannot.’ Then Abba Isidore took Moses out onto the terrace and said to him, ‘Look towards the West.’ He looked and saw hordes of demons flying about and making a noise before launching an attack. Then Abba Isidore said to him, ‘Look towards the East.’ He turned and saw an innumerable multitude of Holy Angels shining with Glory. Abba Isidore said, ‘See, these are sent by the Lord to the Saints to bring them help, while those in the West fight against them. Those who are with us are more in number than they are.’ Then Abba Moses gave thanks to God, plucked up courage, and returned to his cell.