Feast Day: October 24th

About the Icon of The Most Holy Mother of God Joy of all who sorrow: At the top of the Icon, above the Theotokos’ head, the Lord is seen giving His blessing, Angels and Saints are on the sides, and at the bottom we see sorrowing and suffering people, to whom the Mother of God kindly stretches out Her hand…


Apolytikion: Let us, sinful and humbled, now earnestly run to the Mother of God, and let us fall down in repentance, crying from the depths of our soul: O Lady, help, have compassion on us. Make haste, for we perish from the multitude of our sins. Turn not thy servants empty away, for we have thee as our only hope.

Apolytikion: Thou art the joy of all that sorrow, and the protectoress of the oppressed, feeder of the hungry, consolation of travelers, haven for the tempest-tossed, visitation of the sick, protection and aid of the infirm, staff of old age, O all-pure Mother of the Most High God. Hasten, we pray, to save thy servants.

Kontakion: We have no other help, we have no other hope, apart from thee, O Lady, help us. We hope in thee and in thee we glory. Let us not be confounded for we are thy servants.

Hymn of Praise, by Saint Nikolai Velimivorich: O Most Holy Mother of God, “Joy of All Who Sorrow”, grant thy mercy to us sinners. Thy Son now sits on the Throne of the Eternal Kingdom, and all our troubles thou seest; thou knowest them as they occur. Thou hast always Prayed to Christ God for the faithful, and hast relieved much pain and misery of the sorrowful. O Holy Virgin, never cease, to the end of time, to Pray for the Salvation of our race. God hast made thee even more glorious than the Seraphim: O hasten to us, O Joy of all who sorrow!