“With all your power, ask the Lord for humility and brotherly love, because God freely gives His Grace for love towards one’s brother. Do an experiment on yourself: one day ask God for love towards your brother, and another day – live without love. You will see the difference.”

“We suffer because we have no humility and we do not love our brother. From love of our brother comes the love of God. People do not learn humility, and because of their pride cannot receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and therefore the whole world suffers.”

“We have such a law: If you forgive, it means that God has forgiven you; but if you do not forgive your brother, it means that your sin remains with you.”

“Whoever will not love his enemies cannot know the Lord and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches us to love our enemies in such way that we pity their Souls as if they were our own children.”

“I ask you to try something. If someone grieves you, or dishonours you, or takes something of yours, then pray like this: “Lord, we are all Your creatures. Pity your servants, and turn them to repentance,” and then you will perceptibly bear Grace in your Soul. Induce your heart to love your enemies, and the Lord, seeing your good will, shall help you in all things, and will Himself show you experience. But whoever thinks evil of his enemies does not have love for God and has not known God.”

“If you see a man who has sinned and you do not pity him, the Grace of God will leave you. Whoever curses bad people, and does not Pray for them, will never come to know the Grace of God.”