Feast Day: July 2nd

The Life of Saint John Maximovitch:  His work as an Apostle, Missionary and Miracle Worker continues even now…


“If you desire to see a living Saint, go to Bitol to Father John” – Saint Nikolai Velimirovich


Akathist Hymn

Apolytikion: Like a Spiritual daystar in Heaven’s firmament, thou didst encompass the whole world and didst enlighten men’s Souls. Hence, thy name is Glorified throughout the East and West, for thou didst shine forth with the Grace of the Sun of Righteousness, O John, our beloved shepherd. Wherefore, cease not to entreat Christ, that He show mercy and redeem our Souls.

Kontakion: Chosen Wonderworker and superb servant of Christ who pourest out in the latter times inexhaustible streams of inspiration and multitude of Miracles, we praise thee with love and call out to thee: Rejoice, Holy Hierarch John, Wonderworker of the latter times.   

Ikos: The Heavens rejoice with us now, and the choirs of the Saints receive a new and All-Glorious adornment. The Apostles greet a universal preacher; the ancient Martyrs praise one who wondrously Glorified their Memory; Holy Hierarchs converse with their peer in eloquence and wisdom; the Venerable marvel at a vigilant Ascetic; Holy kings honour an advocate for the restoration of Orthodox kingship; and the Unmercenaries share their incorrupt and unapportioned reward with an Unmercenary Healer. As all-glorious as thy ministry was, O Father John, so great was the multitude of wreaths fashioned for thee. Wherefore, with the choirs of the Saints pray to Christ God in behalf of us who fall down before thy Precious Relics, that our Souls may be saved in peace.

Exapostelarion: “Even though I have died, yet am I alive! Grieve not, O ye people!” Thus thou hast proclaimed after thy Repose, illumining with mystic light those who hymn thee, O Father John, All-Wondrous and Holy Hierarch.

Troparion: Glorious Apostle to an age of coldness and unbelief, invested with the Grace-filled power of the Saints of old, Divinely illumined seer of Heavenly Mysteries, feeder of orphans, hope of the hopeless, thou didst enkindle on Earth the fire of love for Christ upon the dark eve of the day of judgement. Pray now that this sacred flame may also rise from our hearts.

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Quotes by Saint John

To partake of the Body and Blood of Christ is to receive in oneself the Risen Christ, the Victor over death, granting to those with Him victory over sin and death. Preserving in ourselves the grace-filled gift of Communion, we have a guarantee and foretaste of the blessed, eternal life of the Soul and body.

Lack of love says: Lord, Lord why do I deserve Your chastisement and love says: Lord, Lord why do I deserve Your Mercy?

When the Church tells us in her Hymns and Icons that the Apostles were Miraculously gathered from the ends of the Earth in order to be present at the Repose and Burial of the Mother of God, we as Orthodox Christians are not free to deny this or reinterpret it, but must believe as the Church hands it down to us, with simplicity of heart.

Until a man’s Earthly life finishes its course, up to the very departure of the Soul from the body, the struggle between sin and righteousness continues within him. However high a Spiritual and moral state one might achieve, a gradual or even headlong and deep fall into the abyss of sin is always possible. Therefore, Communion of the Holy Body and Blood of Christ, which strengthens our contact with Him and refreshes us with the living streams of the Grace of the Holy Spirit flowing through the Body of the Church, is necessary for everyone.

If God the Father chose her, God the Holy Spirit descended upon her, and God the Son dwelt in her, submitted to her in the days of His youth, was concerned for her when hanging on the Cross – then should not everyone who confesses the Holy Trinity venerate her?

The end of the world’ signifies not the annihilation of the world, but its transformation.

Freedom is attained only through a long and difficult process of self-knowledge, working on oneself and being vigilant towards one’s inner life.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

Now the Church consists of both her Earthly and Heavenly parts, for the Son of God came to Earth and became Man that He might lead man into Heaven and make him once again a citizen of Paradise, returning to him his original state of sinlessness and wholeness and uniting him unto Himself. This is accomplished by the action of Divine Grace granted through the Church, but man’s effort is also required. God saves His fallen creature by His own love for him, but man’s love for his Creator is also necessary; without it he cannot be saved. Striving towards God and cleaving unto the Lord by its humble love, the human Soul obtains power to cleanse itself from sin and to strengthen itself for the struggle to complete victory over sin.

For union with Christ, the mere conjoining of our body with the Body of Christ does not suffice. The consumption of the Body of Christ becomes beneficial when in Spirit we strive towards Him and unite ourselves with Him. Receiving the Body of Christ, while turning away from Him in Spirit, is like the contact with Christ which they had who struck Him and mocked and Crucified Him. Their contact with Him served not for their Salvation and healing, but for their condemnation. But those who partake with piety, love and readiness to serve Him, closely unite themselves with Him and become instruments of His Divine Will.

At night commend yourself with complete sincerity into the hands of the Heavenly Father.

The wall that separated Heaven and Earth is destroyed; the sword that barred the way to the Tree of Life disappears. Unto man that had sinned comes his Creator, calling him into His embrace! By the mouths of the Apostles, the Holy Spirit cries out: ‘In Christ, be ye reconciled to God.’ You that had sinned came not to God, but the Son of God, before Whom you sinned, came to you! He calls everyone to Himself; He gives forgiveness to everyone who merely thirsts for this. For without the desire of man himself, without at least his little effort, God’s peace cannot settle in him. The Lord forces no one to come to Him, but calls everyone: ‘Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ Come all ye who are heavy laden with sins, who are exhausted from your labors and who do not find rest! You shall find that inner peace, which you will find nothing on earth more desirable than. The Soul will feel unearthly peace and joy.