Feast Day: December 27th

& August 2nd (Translation of his Holy Relics),

September 15th (Uncovering of his Holy Relics),

January 4th (Synaxis of the 70 Apostles)

The Life of Saint Stephen: The Holy Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen was the eldest of the seven deacons, appointed by the Apostles themselves, and therefore he is called “Archdeacon.” He was the first Christian Martyr, and he suffered for Christ when he was about thirty…



Apolytikion: For the struggles you endured for Christ God, a royal diadem crowns your head, O First Champion of Martyrs. For you refuted the folly of the Jews and beheld your Saviour on the right of the Father. Ever beseech Him, therefore, for our Souls.

Kontakion: Yesterday the Master arrived in the flesh, today the servant departs from the flesh. Yesterday He Who reigns was born. Today the servant dies for Him by stoning, the Protomartyr, the divine Stephen.

Prayer: When they stoned you, O Martyr Saint, the barrage of the stones became steps for you and ladders of Heavenly ascent. When you ascended them you beheld the Lord standing at the right of the Father in the heights. With His Life-giving Holy hand He presented you with the crown for which you were named, O Stephen. As the paramount of Athletes, you stand beside Him victorious.


2022 – Chants – He confirmed for all men the Divinely established preaching of the fishermen.

Saint Stephen the Deacon is one of the Seventy Apostles of Christ.